This section will soon have examples of software that I have written complete including source code that can be examined to better understand how I think and function as a programmer. The first example that I will put online is a powerful encryption application I wrote in Java called Orwell. As a Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP) my expertise is ideal to illustrate what I have learned about the Java language using this credential. However, I know just as much as I do about Java as I do about a dozen or so other programming technologies such as JQUERY and XHTML so Java is by no means the only programming language that I have extensive knowledge of. Orwell uses XOR-based encryption using a customized algorythm that scrambles any file based upon any other file to be used as a key to lock and unlock the file to be scrambled. It could be litterally ANY file. For example: a file of noise blown into a microphone would be both ideal and unique enough to be a perfect key file for locking and unlocking important data securely and can do it perfectly. I will include it soon WITH source code. This description is just here to wet your taste buds! ;)