Kolya Max Weissman, SCJP (Sun Certified Java Programmer)
Phone: (216) 371-5417
E-Mail: max@weissman.com
Web Site: max.weissman.com

Summary / Objectives

I have been successfully self-employed as a freelance consultant since 1994 providing a variety of technical and web-based services for clients throughout the Cleveland, Ohio area. Skills include Java, Visual Basic, Delphi, HTML, Ruby, Linux and Javascript as well as in-depth web design, commercial illustration, electronic pre-press, publishing, drafting and graphic design experience. (See the gallery section of my web site for a preview of my portfolio) I work well both independently and in team-oriented environments through the entire life cycle of my projects from concept to completion. I also have more than ten years of technical troubleshooting, system administration and user support experience.

Computer Skills : Application Development

Several years of experience using a variety of development tools, programming languages and scripting techniques applied to client/server and intranet dev- elopment, web site authoring, as well as Windows, UNIX, Linux, Macintosh and cross-platform web application development.
Programming and Scripting Languages Include:
  • Java: 5 Years
  • Object Pascal: 10 Years*
  • Delphi / Kylix: 10 Years*
  • Lazarus: 10 Years*
  • Visual Basic: 10 Years*
  • VB Script: 10 Years*
  • VBA: 10 Years*
  • Python: 3 Years
  • Javascript: 5 Years
  • HTML: 10 Years*
  • C / C++ : 10 Years*
  • DHTML: 5 Years
  • Ruby: 3 Years
  • Ruby on Rails: 1 Year
  • Assembler: 10 Years*
  • XHTML: 5 Years
  • Open Office Base (with Python): 3 Years
  • Access (with Visual Basic): 10 Years*
  • BASIC (non-VB variants): 10 Years*
  • Batch and Unix Shell Scripting: 10 Years*

Computer Skills : Computer Graphics

Highly proficient in commercial graphic design, web content design and illustration, GUI design, typesetting and desktop publishing, original camera-ready illustration, photographic image processing, digital image manipulation, computer aided drafting/design (CAD), three dimensional architectural rendering and product visualization. See the [gallery] section of my web site for examples from my portfolio.
Graphics Tools Include:
  • Photoshop: 10 Years*
  • Dreamweaver: 3 Years
  • Quark XPress: 10 Years*
  • 3D Studio Max: 10 Years*
  • Flash: 1 Year
  • AutoCAD: 10 Years*
  • Lightwave 3D: 10 Years*
  • PageMaker: 10 Years*
  • Bryce 3D: 10 Years*
  • Corel Draw: 10 Years*
  • Fireworks: 10 Years*
  • Illustrator: 10 Years*
  • Premiere: 3 Years
  • Freehand: 10 Years*
  • Blender 3D: 10 Years*
  • Open Office Draw: 5 Years
  • GIMP: 10 Years*
  • HTML/DHTML/XHTML: 10 Years*

Computer Skills : Platforms
  • Windows (All Versions): 10 Years*
  • Mac OS (All Versions): 10 Years*
  • DOS: 10 Years*
  • RedHat Linux: 10 Years*
  • BSD Unix: 10 Years*
  • Fedora Linux: 10 Years*
  • Solaris: 10 Years*
  • Ubuntu Linux: 10 Years*
  • SUSE Linux: 10 Years*
  • X-Windows and Bourne Shell (on all versions of UNIX and Linux): 10 Years*

Other Computer Skills
  • Hardware installation, upgrades, troubleshooting and maintenance: 10 Years*
  • User support: 10 Years*
  • System administration: 10 Years*
  • Hardware and software purchasing advise and assistance: 10 Years*

*Note that "10 Years" denotes ten or more years of experience

Work Experience

The following section highlights contracts that I have worked since I started working as a freelance consultant in 1994 in reverse chronological order. This is not a complete list of all of the contracts I have worked as that list would be very lengthy and would require considerably more detail than this document may allow, therefore I have limited this summary to an assortment of the contracts that I feel best represent my diverse experiences as a freelance computer consultant.

Technical Consulting 3/2000 - Present
Assisted clients at their homes and offices by providing hardware and software upgrades as well as both on-site and remote troubleshooting on NetBooks, Smart Phones (Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, etc...), Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 95/98/ME, Windows NT/2000, Windows 3.1, Macintosh, DOS, Unix and Linux systems. Clients included:
  • Doug Wist - Engineer - Aided Mr. Wist in resolving technical issues regarding an operating system upgrade. Provided on-site assistance and troubleshooting to insure a secure installation.
  • Mary Root - Independent Distributor - Provided extensive trouble- shooting and repair services to fix problems with Ms. Root's computer equipment through advice and multiple sessions of on-site consultation including upgrades and repairs to her system's hardware and software.

Web Designer 1/2000 - 3/2000
Worked on redesigning the web site for NCD, a medical imaging equipment manufacturer and tandem computer distributor at Dennison Advertising in Independence, Ohio using Macintosh and Windows NT computer systems, Photoshop, Netscape Composer, Microsoft FrontPage, Dreamweaver, HTML and Javascript. Responsibilities included the complete redesign of NCD's existing web site to create a new look and feel using JavaScript, CSS and DHTML and to provide enhanced features and greater interactivity as well as designing original web content using Adobe Photoshop, Image Ready, and Go-Live products based upon information obtained directly from planning sessions with personnel at NCD.

Technical Support 6/1999 - 1/2000
Worked on-site for local business providing technical support services to maintain consistent operation of business-critical computer systems and networked office equipment on Macintosh, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 3.11, UNIX and Linux systems. Clients included:
  • Jim Norris - Surgeon / Small Business Owner - Provided Dr. Norris with expert troubleshooting and assistance when computers that he used to run his business suffered a system-wide crash and consistently failed to boot. His computers were back online in less than an hour after I arrived and I was able to upgrade his operating system the following day.
  • Jannine Jacobs - Graphic Designer / Small Business Owner - Assisted Ms. Jacobs in setting up new equipment in her home office and troubleshooting device conflicts when necessary. Provided Ms. Jacobs with accurate information regarding hardware compatibility issues so that she would be able to make informed decisions when investing in additional equipment for her business. The following week I provided on-site installation assistance to set up, configure and customize her new equipment which was then immediately ready for her to use in her day-to-day business operations.

Information Systems Developer 3/1999 - 6/1999
Worked as a Programmer / Analyst and Microsoft Certified Solution Provider for Software Answers, a consulting firm and Microsoft Gold Partner located in Akron, Ohio to develop and implement information systems and software-based solutions designed to aid local businesses in maintaining "paperless" office environments using Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Microsoft Access, Visual Basic, SQL and Novell NetWare.

Hardware and Software Troubleshooter 3/1998 - 3/1999
Worked on site at various Cleveland, Ohio area businesses providing technical support and maintenance for business-critical computer hardware and software systems and office equipment. Clients included:
  • Ray Harko - President of Harko Packaging / Small Business Owner - Demonstrated proven techniques for trading merchandise online using auction web sites such as E-Bay while providing technical support as well as assistance helping him to find web hosting for his other business operations.
  • Jim Nagy - Police Officer - Lyndhurst, Ohio Police Dept. - Provided Officer Nagy with backup and recovery services for his home computer system when it suffered from large amounts of lost data due to cross- linked files and a highly fragmented file system. In addition I provided him with assistance in choosing a better ISP and maintaining a reliable connection to the Internet.

Intranet Developer 11/1997 - 2/1998
Provided intranet user interface design services as a consultant for Digital Navigation, an advertising agency specializing in new media, web design and intranet development. Responsibilities included creating components, procedures and graphical elements using Photoshop, DHTML and Javascript on Macintosh and Windows 95 systems running Netscape communicator and Internet Explorer to design interactive content and user interfaces for corporate intranets.

Customer Service / Computer Technician 7/1997 - 11/1997
Provided customer service and support at Complete Copy and Print Center. Responsibilities included assisting customers in using color laser copiers and other copy equipment, processing customer requests, troubleshooting and repairing problems involving hardware and software used for desktop publishing and accounting. Used Windows 3.11, Windows 95, PageMaker, Photoshop, Cannon Color Copiers, Xerox Document Systems, Firery Digital Imaging Systems as well as other general office and point of sale equipment.

Information Systems Consultant 8/1996 - 12/1996
Worked as part of an information systems development team writing distributed applications at Tower City. Responsibilities included developing information management systems using Borland Delphi, Visual Basic, SQL Server, Crystal Reports, MS Access, Oracle, Sybase, Paradox and ODBC. ODBC and SQL were used to connect to and query various preexisting databases while Delphi and Visual Basic were used to tie the databases to a user interface used by call center operators. Most of my responsibilities were related to updating legacy code that was written using Visual Basic and creating Object Pascal code for use with Delphi as well as redesigning the original user interface so it would work properly with Delphi and be capable of producing reports using Crystal Reports. I was also responsible for debugging, documenting and testing code and ensuring that stored procedures were called properly and fed the appropriate data to the back-end databases and read this data back to COM and OLE objects such as tables and charts so that they displayed properly in the front-end applications used by the call center operators. This contract predated ActiveX technology so COM and OLE were used instead.

Digital Audio Technician 10/1994 - 12/1994
Assisted in the development of a foreign language exhibit at the Great Lakes Museum of Science. Responsibilities included recording digital audio samples of various phrases from ten foreign languages and using Cool-Edit and Sound Forge digital audio editing software to separate, crop and filter noise from various sound-bites before mastering to digital media.


Independent Study More than 15 Years
I allocate a minimum of four hours per day for work-related study in which I practice new techniques, read documentation and improve existing academic and computer-related skills in commercial graphics, computer animation, web design, software development, computer net- working, electronics and information technology. In addition to my regular computer-related studies I have recently passed the SCJP (Sun Certified Java Programmer) exam which is an internationally recognized, industry-standard certification that assures advanced professional level Java programming aptitude.

Cleveland Institute of Art 2 Semesters
Received training in commercial graphic design using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Freehand, PageMaker and Quark XPress.

Mayfield Technical Institute 4 Semesters
Received comprehensive training in two and three dimensional drafting, architectural drafting, mechanical drawing, electrical and schematic drawing, two and three dimensional layout and design, three dimensional rendering, architectural rendering and product visualization. AutoCAD and 3D Studio software were used on computers running DOS, Windows 3.11 and Windows 95. More than 10 years later I use similar, but con temporary design tools such as Lightwave 3D, Blender 3D and Bryce 3D professionally on Macintosh, Windows and Linux-based workstations.

Cleveland Institute of Art 2 Semesters
Studied computer aided design, digital image manipulation, photographic image processing, cell animation and key-framed animation using Amiga Graphics Workstations and real-time video capture equipment.

Cleveland Heights High School 4 Years
Began attending Cleveland Heights High School early after skipping the eighth grade due to superior academic achievement. Proceeded to complete all required course work within three years and graduated as Student of the Year with 130% of the credits necessary for graduation.

Volunteer Activities

Assistant Counselor During High School
Worked as an assistant counselor for two summers at University School Computer Camp teaching elementary and middle school students how to write their own computer software using the BASIC and PASCAL programming languages on IBM, Macintosh and Apple II computer systems.

Student Teacher Senior Project During High School
Provided mentoring and student teaching services to middle school students to aid them in learning algebra, geometry, history and sociology and to assist in developing more efficient study habits.


Mary Root
Independent Distributor, Small Business Owner
(216) 321-8370

Doug Wist
(216) 932-8367

Jannine Jacobs
Graphic Designer, Small Business Owner
(440) 899-9860

Susan Prendergast
Client, Student
(216) 932-4078

Mike De La Cruz
Network Engineer, Verio
(440) 856-7005

Walker Todd
Attorney, Professor of Law, Cleveland State University
(440) 338-1169

Jeff Windham
Complete Copy and Print, Owner
(216) 932-5454

Gary Bergstrom
Electrical Engineer, Independent Computer Consultant
(440) 247-2492

Mindy Manyo
(216) 791-1009

Christopher Shreves
X-Ray Technician, Fire Fighter
(216) 308-2062

Sangeeta Parameshwar
Professor of Business Studies
(217) 553-7413

Antje Daub
Researcher, Professor of Sociology, Case Western Reserve University
(216) 906-2311